About Us

We are a service oriented HVACR and controls company. The result of placing the emphasis on service is that our level of technical of expertise is far greater than the average contractor in our fields. Our technicians are able to solve complex problems with individual machines as well as facility wide issues. We are able to rapidly implement these solutions in a cost effective manner.
Our 30 year history has allowed us to build relationships with all major manufacturers of material and equipment, enabling us to service and install virtually any type of system. Our overall experience enables us to do it right the first time.

Precision Temp Control’s infrastructure is as solid as our service:

  • State of the art dispatching and paperless work order system allows us to get to you faster and track time and materials accurately.
  • Technicians use GPS to locate your facility quickly, and minimize your equipment’s down time.
  • All work order information is entered into a mobile device and uploaded to our servers on the job site. This streamlines the ordering of replacement parts and equipment, and eliminates billing errors.

Precision Temperature Control, Inc. goes above and beyond your average HVACR company.  As an established company with a long history of success we have and always will provide stellar service and excellent workmanship.